What Is A Swag?

A Swag is the historical Australian name for what is a bedroll.

Before motor transport. A swag was carried by shearers, miners, the unemployed, and many others. They walked from job to job in Australia’s outback during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

Some of whom would be happy to been called Swagmen.

In Australia, a swag is a portable sleeping shelter used for camping or outdoor adventures

Customer Testimonials

I bought the King Double swag so me and my partner can just hop in the ute and go camping any time any where. Thanks 

Alex D, Roma QLD

Bought Mountview blue swag so when go to rodeos I know which is mine. Love the colour. Thanks Swags R Us

Clair M Sunshine Coast QLD

Great biker swag, it rolls up good and fits nice on my motor bike, Hit the road and can pull up anywhere.

Bruce H Cannington WA