GIANTZ Universal Battery Box 12V Portable Deep Cycle

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Time to travel. With the Giantz Portable Battery Box, there is no need to limit yourself to one location, keep on the move and enjoy the adventure ahead.

You can power up a host of devices including camping lights and portable fridges with its cigarette lighter socket as well as mobile phones and tablets with two USB ports.

The battery box itself can be charged using solar panels or any power source with its quick-connect Anderson plugs. 

GIANTZ Universal Battery Box 12V Portable Deep Cycle

The battery box comes pre-wired, so all you need to do is to connect to the deep cycle battery terminals and it is good to go. 

The box can easily fit any deep cycle battery that measures 39cm x 20.5cm x 24cm and turn it into a great power station.

The battery box is strong and sturdy with a built-in voltage indicator and circuit breaker for safe and hassle-free use.

Note: Please refer to the dimensions of the battery box and check to see if it will fit your deep cycle battery before making your purchase.

Note: Please note that a deep cycle battery is not included in this purchase. Please check in-store listings for the deep cycle battery if you need it.

Protective and portable
Digital voltage indicator
10A Re-settable circuit breaker
Two USB ports
Cigarette lighter socket
Anderson plugs
Positive and negative terminals
Sturdy housing
Heavy-duty carry handle
Tie-down strap
Compatible use with Giantz and other batteries

Overall dimensions: 42.5cm x 25.5cm x 30cm
Inner dimensions: 36cm x 20.5cm x 24cm

Package Content
1 x Battery box