Weisshorn Self Inflating 6cm Mattress - Blue

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Weisshorn Self Inflating is made from high density 6cm thick polyurethane foam, the self-inflating mat comes with an anti-slip polyester pongee bottom and PVC coating, the mat is suitable for all surfaces.


*Soft taffeta polyester; silky & smooth surface
*Durable and water-resistant
*6cm thick polyurethane foam
*Efficient self-inflating valves
*Joinable mat
*Easily roll up mat for easy transportation and storage
*Comes with a carry bag
*Ideal for year-round camping


*Brand: Weisshorn
*Material: Polyurethane foam w/ PVC coating
*Inflation time: 60 seconds
*Colour: Blue
*Size: 190x54x6cm
*Weight: 2.45kg

Package Contents

1 x Weisshorn Self-Inflating Mat
1 x Carry Bag